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COOPERATE provides you with empirical data and scientific analyses, produces results ready for application, and makes your work accessible, understandable and interesting for your target audience! We are specialised in the fields of ageing and demographic change, environmental challenges and new forms of work. Our service is to research, implement and disseminate to solve social challenges!

We provide research, implementation and dissemination solutions to clients from the public sector, research organisations, private enterprises, as well as civil society organisations.

We are proud of the work we do for our clients, solving their problems and adding value to their ideas. Our team specialises in the design and development of solutions best fit for our clients’ requirements.

As a small organisation with a large network, we are highly flexible in finding the best solution for your problem, building the best team of researchers, non-profit professionals, consultants and whoever it takes to solve your problem!


Do you have an idea, want to implement an innovation or invent a product and want to know if, why and for whom it could work? We provide you with empirical data, scientific analyses and expertise in the fields of ageing, work and the environment. With us, you get an evidence base for informed decision making.


Our goal is to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice! We add practical value to your scientific results and make your ideas work for the real world. With our wide network of practitioners, consultants and professionals we find the right cooperation or implementation partner for your idea.


Knowledge can make all the difference – if it’s the right place at the right time! Does anyone care about your scientific or practical work? Do you want to communicate to a specific target group or a wider public? Do you know what it takes to make them listen? If your answers are no, yes and no – contact us!


With our wide network of researchers, consultants and professionals, we are specialised in finding the best solution for your problem.
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