research for the real world

COOPERATE is a young non-profit research organisation based in Vienna. It was founded by Anna Wanka and Andreas Streinzer to do research for the real world. We want to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice and bring science to society. Our mission is to study and explore social problems and distribute relevant knowledge and implement social innovations!

We have identified three major challenges of European societies that we want to tackle with innovative applied research, creating and identifying best practice approaches, building communities of practice and disseminate learnings:

Challenge 1: Demographic Change and Ageing Societies
Challenge 2: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaption
Challenge 3: Employment Opportunities and Sustainable Economy


We enable learning through exchanging knowledge and building participatory communities of practice among scientific institutions, practitioners and citizens.

COOPERATE is founded and lead by Anna Wanka and Andreas Streinzer, two committed researchers and practitioners who joined forces to realise their passion for social and cultural research and turn their vision of a better society into their mission!

Mag.a Anna Wanka


Anna Wanka - Cooperate

Mob.: +43 699 105 500 32

Anna Wanka is a sociologist and researcher at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Vienna. She has several years of experience in national and EU funded social science research projects. She loves quantitative data analyses and gerontology.


Mag. Andreas Streinzer

Social Anthropologist

Andreas Streinzer - Cooperate

Mob.: +43 699 117 26 939

Andreas Streinzer is an anthropologist and non-profit professional. He has several years of expertise in the management of international non-profit organisations and social innovations. He loves ethnography and disseminating research.